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April 11, 1974     Eastern Colorado Plainsman
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April 11, 1974

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y --.l=.T., t ) 4, Par CARD OF THANKS Eastern Colorado Plainsman, Thursday, April ! 1, ]974, Page 3 died leaving the following described ..... ~ ......... to Ordway and visited cousin Bertha and Gladys W;tt / Thanks to all for your vote 7f pro Perry:./~ port,on ......... or LOT z~, U,OCK Z, I ........... I Fredl and Maybetle Young for came by Sunday. morning L,,ll con,dence, your, pport isgeaty V.F.W AOd tion to the Town of I ,b-UUIH KARVAL I 1/, hours and then left for March 31 andpicked Anna ~.JZ~]~. ~ appreciated. A,though , was not "BEC/K)SE THE PEOPLE MUST Hugo, in Lincoln County, I ...... | home and run into a bunch of Witt up and took her to Blue : n~"~"~ elected to serve on the City ~__~~~ Colorado, more Particularly j .J~lrf~,~,~ | tumbeweeds over the first Cliff church for the9ooam ""~ ~ I ~ council, maybe I was a winner after described as follows: i = , " " m=~li.~ =lib all. Beginning at a Point on theL--mm__ !1 / bridge on 71 over the canal, services. L~[--j~i~ ll~llA llBllia Shhh, I" think I felt a tiny touch South line of said Lot 25, 260 feet --~---m-- W------ " The wind sure was strong and Anna Witt went h~m~ f~,~,~ -- ~ ~L~V ~1~=~ I ,1~ of discrimination in the electionYour Right to Know and be acre-feet from the Ogallala East. ,of. theTS~UthWest. Corner .of WeekBY~=nna B. W,tt .. _ some blowing dust. Got home Sunday school Sunda;'and'was ~LUNrl ~ ~[,/" .. Ii i I results, I'm sure there had to be one II 1 1 good woman on the ballot, informed of the functions of your formation. - baia LO[Z:~;/ encetast~longtne dyU /nursoay iv~arcn =feate.30.~m = .~:......... , .+ ,... ,-. .~. Distance of 76.5 feet to the wen" ....... Mr and Mrs John Witt anD Jonn wilt nome. HKI~" ' "~ notices In that self-qovernment 80836, for irrigation of ]60 acres Southeast Corner of Said Lot 25; .-~iL [O. KOCKy t-ora., went i" +"'-n '~-~*~" c~;.4~. There were 33 at Blue Cliff ,do ' j \ lJ ll Bethel Pepper government are embodied in public 8. TomPrice, Stratton, Coloraoo South Line of said Lot 25, a 28th Anna and Gladys Witt ~= . w. = u,,,,,,,=. ~..y~ ..... ~lauy= this newspaper urges every citizen of Sec. 35, T. 6 S., R. 46 W:, 6th of Lot 25, a Distance of 140 Feet and groceries and they ate Mrs. Bertha and Gladys ~unoay SChOOl :~unoay. to read and study these notices We P.M., with an estimated maximum Strongly advise those citizens,yield of ] ,OOO GPM, and an to the Northeast Corner or Sa=d LTt lunch at a care and after dinner Sorensen went to town South Mrs. Daisy Parker went to itd~:L~T~ ~EI~F~E~ ~T~Sz:I~~=: ~%--=--" t----"--,~e~=r~y :~:~ r~ek ng further information to estimated average annual useof400 Z?neT:?nSC:dWLStt ~;o:gti;tan~cOr~f visited some of Gladys' friends and on their way back stopped town Monday. exercl~ their right of access to acre-feetfrom the Ogallala76.5 feet; thence South 140 Feet to and they were glad to see us. at the Ka_he People s home. m John and Gladys Witt had as Public records and public meetings, formation. . . . PP g O,,udy 9. Tom Price, Rt. No. 2, the Point of Beginning Then we did our trading at Ordway Priaay i~qarcn z~ DUT their su er uest M -~-~*. IN THE DISTRICT COURT Stratton, Colorado 80836, for That the Petition" " names the the food store and then went she was not at nome. Anr'll 1 Kat.e P_..,.,=~,~ ~..=~ CIVIL ACTION NO 2548 irrigation of 160 acres from a well above persons as the heirs at law of '- ' ==~ ILIAD ADS ,relutrtl~l bOX nU~) -- 50C ~itionil ~h h~.~t:~. CARD OF THANKS " in the HE% of the NEll4 of Sec. 35, decedent and the present owner of _ _ Mrs. Katie Peoples visited L42 J: CJ~llir~= .~.',^,.,,.=--e~ 75. morethan 10 Ijnlschargei= at 1~= =.m.: " s" estimated maximum yield of 1.000 You are notified to answer said I1m/lllM *llbllMIbR ~Uli ~llVlevlllll Ile~llllVel I SChOiJ~ INl~j~t~)l~/A~"~Rl~'D'l'T~Y_$2.25;nlorethan10hnelchlrgedat Thanks to everyone for the STATE OF COLORADO )5.1 T. 6S.,R.46W.,6thP.M.,withan the said property. ~M~l~ .L,,.~ ,,,,*e n.Mnkl- i~ll~l~l Bertha Sorensen Monday. ~ip; 5 ~ tl. .. many cards, visits, phone calls, COUNTY OF LINCOLN ) GPM, and an estimated average petition within 20 days after service - 6 p,ll~i~1;,.I.~ft~ ..... ~ethJN1 4 ltn~scftal~M)~ It ~kt IIl~. gifts flowers and all offers of help LOS nc a Colorado annual use of 400 acre-feet fromof this not ce on you (if served by Myrna Rue Schack of Karva Chosen from 7,202 seniors ~" ~IRI -- ~.;)tJ; ,--~- " ' . . p.~=g; ~ .............. during my stay m the hospital. Corporation " the Ogallala formation, publication within 20 days after the has been named one of 23 in 180 Colorado high schools, I IBM IB Ili I I last publication of this not ce) and . " " :ing. ~t~ ~ i l Everything was greatly appreciated, . Plaintiff WASHINGTON COUNTY " i; h "ourt honorab e menhon winners in he wdl recewe a $1,500 college | ........ Ill For Sale I a~ was the care and attention of the vs 1. Robert Dewey Wagner, Rt. in default or an answer t e ~. . f I I~I~AIPIPI~I&I~dlb I -- m*- , .- | ....... . hospital staff and Dr. ScarinzLJames F Durkee Sam J No. 3. P.O. BOX 195, Brighton,wllproceed to hear the matter as Colorado of the Betty Crocker scholarsh,p romGeneralM,!s. I YI(UI;I:I:UIRSb I ~/fn~er ~:dd: Leta WiimethShellhorn I~ary M ' Shellhorn Colorado e0601 for irrigation ofprovided by law. Family Leader of Tomorrow sponsor or Tne annual ~etTy ~"'SC~~~raOO ~M A Z~?Yd ~SearC'k~ d ". -0.~ -~.o~. I z u. o~'"..~7R~'~231-- .... 4--4-11-1820" -'478"2123" t~' ........ All-18pdll 1 p_~ Thank~"PARr~O~ TyouUtor all n/~1~1 r~Hugo residents" ~i!~ie ~i~Ti~!i! ~,tnDated at Hugo, Colorado, thiSaay of Apr,i ' Elizabeth JohnSOnclerkS"~ 74of. Said Court School,a' seniorMiC:hael David Gr~_~=n.nnnn" Crocker Search for LeadershiPa.t Denver,Uear" ........ Creekis " Nighthe' willin FamilYreceiveLiVing.a Hi20.vo4umeS scrhool Anril 1 lq74 tOApril,. '8, -1974 First Publication April .ll, 1974 Colorado Betty Crocker reference work, "The Annals Summons and Complaint Y ~I~'~,V~ ~1970 K,rkwood who voted for me in my re-election ip 6:J~ . vE MaN y Rent a ocker- FOR b~-Lr- "~ - . ...... ' rdm y Leaoer o[ /omorrow of Amer ca" m S-65491 ssu d arch 26, ' ~~rn~. C)~'n'e"Newon the Town Counc,I. I will Last publication May 21974 ........ fro the e M StudY ~ USDA Choice Beef. 235-245 12x60 ~ .u. .See us for continue to work for the P'UDliSheO in zne , ' - ' E-stern Colorado Plainsman Tar 1974. Encyclopaedia Britanmca 1974 to Kingsley Brockway p. ~ loS. at a4x/~ cents cut wrappedAlpine ~'*^~'~" -'~n* Linda betterment of the town " ' ' " ' and fr ..... "E .... n Food additonaltraHers,or.~ .. "" ......."- - Defendants 1. JamesK. andThelmaHutto , IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIII Educational Corporation. He Ayhng, Colorado Springs, Co.; / vn. r-lugo r,v~-~ ..... ~_ ._ Homes adjoining W.w. (UUQ) bcnoonover ~-0Cker~-- Oh,,,,= 7~'L~473 Vista ~nouI~ , - ........... ..'~; c=18 COX Lumber, Hugo. See V,vian o;H%~)t%PLED~F T~E STATE Hag:;ion%~l~;~)dOcret?/2m0a wf,; J 1 l~l~l-- 1 ..mll.. I remains eligible to win a charged with nooperator's F t, ~ . ev~ ...... Cox. tf CARD OF THANKS Dr-.ENDANTSC= ABOVE' ..... NAMEU in the Center of the NEII~ of_Sec._ I IMMINI1 i$1iE I $5,000 scholarship in national license and no registration in " ~ :~).RTSWEAR for SPRING AND . . ' :=UMM ...... to My tham