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October 3, 1974     Eastern Colorado Plainsman
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October 3, 1974

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--6 t ~.~ .... z '., " J" ...,,.h. F ],...,.n One o, our .,. .o,,. ,.o..,,nll r '; " ' i i - ..... !JL .' ..... ..... VoI -- 63 -- No. 22 15 Per' ' 'Thursday' Oct. 3, 1974 " ~i ., ' lit : Copy Six Pages Hugo, Colorado 80821 i1" R, ., , )t,zlSigll I ills1requeStrll d,.=,,ie ,j o, I I I IIIIII operation along the Union on the Union Pacific line. " " "s is in ~ference to the and at the end of one-year's on the grounds of increased Pacific line has "more than application of the Union operation the Railroad Safetytraffic and the possibility" of I ":: I IlIIlI Pacific track between Oakley, In a conversation recently, doubled" over the last year, Pacifc Railroad Company Board would review the future operation of Amtrak II '. ' ~ ~ I illIIIlIIlI ruKS" ngandby Limonthe RadUeroadt Safetya new reaMrS'zeLeethatsaid'this is'Peplego ng todn'thit according to Hugo Snell BA-AP-No. 707, filed Feb. 291application and render a final passenger trains in the territory ! ' ' ..... ;~ I Board of the Federal Radroadthem in the pocketbook if manager Lee Kraxberger. He 1972. disposition, involved said he expects use of the lineThe application is for the The Railroad Safety Board For " these reasons the I :~I Administration in Washington Union Pacific withdraws its from Snell to increase another proposed discontinuance of anhas completed its review of the signaling system should be I ;' ~: :'1/ D.c. track from the area. County third this fall if drought automatic block signat system application after the one-year restored to se~ ce I . : The signals were turned off taxes now pa d by the railroad conditions don't ruin the on single main track between trial period and has revoked " ' ! : i : ..... " " " "lI along the line a little over a will have to come from the harvest. Kraxberger is another Oakley Kansas, and Limon, the conditional approval that Sincerely yours, I - -'. " .... " "lI year ago as a one-year trial,residents if the railroad leaves promoter of increased rail Coloraclo, a distance of 173.0 was effective June 29, ]973. Mac E. Rogers ~ :: .!I prior to permanent removal of the area. she said. Removing I I the sagnals. Within a short time the signals was the first step in service in the area. There are miles, and installation of stopThe Railroad Safety Board Cha rman ....... '~ ~ indications that record .wheat signs in lieu of fixed red signals has now denied the application Railroad Safety Board I ....... ...... I after the signals were removed an eventual withdrawal, harvests recently have on the Union Pacific Railroad .,~ I . / two accidents occurred on the predicted some railroad- increased rail useage along the with one crossing of one track Ii~.d~ .=--,.1= ........ LI 1--_ I -- " , I line in the Cheyenne Wellswatchers. Mrs. Lee and other UP line. In the letter to Mrs. of the Union Pacific Railroad Homlnallnnt ~n.nnl mr I wcm~ty, promoters of a Union Pacific I ~~~ The Railroad Safety Board's Amtrak route from Kansas city Lee, MacE. Rogers, Chairmanwith one track of the Chicago, IIIIIllIIrIl~ IuveIIIIIII IVl of the Railroad Safety BoardRock Island and Pacific I -- " ~Ia/ decision to deny an application to Denver believe that, in lists increasedtrafficalongthe Railroad at Limon, Co. lltl:~ll --] .-lI---- L_II--, I .... ~ I from the Union Pacific for addition to the passenger line as one of the reasons for On May 29 1973, the [IIIillllllIII~.iR IRI ~_IFilIlli n~lllnl I ;. I permanent removal of the service Amtrakwould provide, turning down UP's request toRailroad Safety Board '~ql~llllUllllgV Vl II~IPIIVll ikF~gllVl I I signals was announced in a designation as an Amtrak route permanently remove the conditionally approved the Farmers are asked to and e ect those individuals they I letter to Hugo Mayor Maye would keep the Union Pacific I ~-~ ,,ne ,., who has been active line from being removed, signals.. ..... application fern one:year trial nominate candidates for their fee would do a good job as ~ne letter reaDs as ~o,ows: period Deginning June z~J, choice to be on the ASC ASC committeemen The I -- I in promoting _aD Amtrak Grain shipped from Snell Dear MayorLee: 1973, during which time thecounty committee ballot, says elect on of concerned farmers I Lincoln County shov Federal Railroad Ear, McDonnell, Executive to positions on ASC ._ J___ Administration would closely Director, Lincoln Countycommittees is necessary for f~ arno monitor operations on this line ASCS Office in Hugo, Co. good administration of farm ..... r ~ The ASC county committee programs." in number of welfare ....., U----ImL election will be conducted M cDonnel, further Rllllgl fllcllln from Nov. 22 to Dec. 2, by explained that the county IllI- IIIIiII Ii" -- -- -- mail ballot. ASCS office welcomes all valid Board att _nd Asc committees are petitions. The opPortunity to JJ .... '~ -- I Lincoln County dropped 82 to fewer applications tar ~o ....... bzt~ recipients a orop~ aT" ~==v==w=~ responsible for manag ng nominate, vote, and be elected I . - I per cent of its ADC welfare welfare, she said. "We used to ~b ...... b per cent" Montrose' ..... tram f ...... government farm programs on to office is guaranteed to all ~ . ..... I recipients during the I:Yl~riod believe whatever they would" ' " " conlere.ce the local level To meet the farmers regardless of race 849 to 743 rec~pien(s or a ne d f "n~" "' " - ' I I from June, 1973 to June, tell us,' Miss Fairbairn said, . ..... e s o J ow~oual producers, relig on, sex, color, or national I i 1974, according to a release "but now the Department decrease at It.:) cent; ann Staff members of the East ASC committee members must origin I I from the State Department of requires !hat we confirm whatreclp,entsL~an'. TrOmor 1~ ~ ~t~Jper cenzt ~t~J CentraIHea h I Colorado= Mental be concerned and responsible ........... I = i Social Services issued last they say.' ..... " ..... "- - It C in'c worked in the indivduals, McDonnell sad f'~M ea~J~,e I I week. Lincoln County has not ~ltnougn no~ ass,gn,rlcan] four-county area Sept. 20 and Lincoln county farmers have q~'VJII a~q~ll~a In Terms o~ numbers and 2 ] during the re ular ..-,...:,. .... :--,- I '- I The Lincoln County been the only County to g the oppu~UH~y cU nUH=~,dt~ dollars, counties with smaller ~n~,=mh=~t~n;~ . - . "--~" ................ persons they feel would best = I Department of Social Services experience a drop in the populatlonscontrlbutedtothe From Sunday, Sept. 22 toserve the farm community. IgrlcuHurlhsls I . - i listed 82 recipients on its Aid welfare roils. , " " .' / to Families with Dependant Weld County Department of general . state dechne .m Sept. 25 the staff and some Farmers will soon receive recipients Per example .... , " I Children (AFDC)for June of Social Services chalked up the " , board members attended the petition forms by mail andJ~lP IPAIIIJ~I4k ~l~sdD~lrecCeO~l~teychexe/~irlewne~dra ann.ual Colorado.Mental Health may begin submitting them to I,I ,,II.IIl.,, I 1973. in June of 1974 the greatest per centage reduction v ~.onTerer~ce in ~spen held at the county ASCS office on ......... , _ - I AFDC rolls showed 45 per sonsin welfare rolls the past fiscal ~: " i ecelvlngoald. .. year among ten Colorado recipients when its only AFDC the [,spen Institute for Oct 3 ..fine ~.o,o. raao u.ccup.ationa, beneficiary left the county. Humanistic Studies. :'" A few ~--~-" .... :-'*'~ ...... .~a ew and Mea~n (L;(J~Pt) - -melggll j ~ I lranslers out of the L.ounty counties havin~ the largest Shea said that tl hter u,==-= ~w,on~,==,u,,St andards Board recentl other reasons; becoming with Deper~leht Children" m~ro~ rums ann suppoet which -dealt wit~ mergingMcDonnell sat'd, lr~order to I~e ~n i~gr,~c~ture ~Work~er employed, and marriage were recipients ~lOW OFFICIALLY OPEN, and drivers who braved construction dlong I 70 . " . . tram. the past two legislative mental health services withValid, petit 0ns must be limited ~owsory ~omm~tteeto serve ......... three of the reasons Tar me Con F Shea executive ~en Bovina and Arrib~-this summer can breathe a sigh aT re~=et as they ~ravel decrease in AFOC accordino direr~r ~f'~he Cnl~r~,~ ,f~f= sessions contributed to the community resources ,.. .... .... ; ............ ~n the standards settmg process dechnes. Continued efforts byWorkshops provided an include written certifi~-~;--n or the CaSH Program. he new section of four lane freeway. At the formal dedJcatton last Thursday, to Lincoln County SocialDepartment of-Social Sprvices, ~=~,u An counties to assist families with opportunity for mental health ,hi, *h= ,~,,,~;,,o,, ;. ,.,..... ,^ y agriculture worker in :emple, district engineer from the Colorado Division of Highways, called the Service Director Linda said that Weld County reduced .............................. ~ ~u th problems so that they could be professionals administrativeserve if elected m,,* ~, ..... ,~ e State of Colorado =s ehg~ble referredto Jobs Is another staff lay peonle board .................... be a member of this seven ted project a conversion from an old death trap to a mode hig ay " h " , * " ' " ...... ~ .... to , .... goals as been to get ADC 1973 to June 1974 by , ~" , uy ac Jd~[ [nree Tarm m-n ............ .. A large crowd, mcludlng ArMba school and the .Arrlba. school ...... band, mot'hers to work, .... she said, 12.4-per cent, or Tram: 5,381 to reason for the slackening. .ff of members. ............................... leqislators and others ~,nt,,r< ,n,~ nn,,cf h..... ;' =="~ ;'~ meed committee . wnicn wm welfare rolls, espec!ally in the to dscuss issues in the delivery the county ASCS ,~ff;~e nn t regularly m order to a the open]no. Among the visitors were three engineers tram r'mang. ~i~ addina that in some cases 4 712 recinients big counties. Some of the of mental health services 1 ..... ,h.n'~., .~n .... properly advise the CaSH County Commissioners and Lincoln County Commissioners Otha King, Bob Social'Services has been willing ' During"~e ~me period, El changes reflect transfers from Attending from Flagler were v"~'farmerma;=circulate or Standards Board concerning and John Ball were among the honored guests, along with Rev. Granville D. to help provide day care wages Paso County recorded a . the future of the P|o ,f the mothers lob cannot 102per cent reduction from one. county to an.other. . ..Mrs. Doris, psych,atr,c sign nominating petitionsfor as affe ............... gram as.,t -- ~*~ ~NcuttUral s[anQaros Jr pastor of the First Methodist Church in Limon, Arriba Mayor Kenneth " ' " - " He also said mat at tne nurse and Mrs. t~etty I~enneoy many candidates as he chooses An ..... " . .... carry the whole expense 9,54] AFDC recipients to current average AFDC secretary a ong with Marion A e w" " , " y m[eres~ea worker may Stemple, Fiagler Mayor Rhynold E. Fager and A. J. Siccardl, division Th@r~ have h~.n" mnr~ R ~ ~,~,~ Ar~n~h~,~ r~, ,,~-~ ......... ' nyon ~shmg to nominate a submit ........ the Federal Highway .... Administration. people- ................. mown" g out of the was third; ................... with a drop of ]O-l~r payment per rec~pmn~ o~ ~b~ al~yle. Accompanying. them. farmer for~ the ASC committeequam~cat~ons" '~'to the'dmeoff ceanf month (August, 1974) the were board memoers Mrs electionm ...... ...... " o ' ,. =~ ~u,,~=~ ~'~ the S li i " County recently, Miss cent, or 219 recipients ies$. statewide decrease of 3,312 Jennie Summers of Hugo, Misscounty ASCS office for full o c tar (CASH), IZ)w~s~on of Labor, ] ] 77 Grant, Denver, Fairbairn said, which has The remaining seven large below appropriation estimatesCarrie ~ek and Mrs. Norma details, including eligibility Colorado -- 80203 by 5 p.m., BALL HOLDS ONE END OF THE RIBBON for A. J. Aiccardi, division from the Federal Highway Administration, while Siccardi scissors through the east-bound lanes of I 70. COUNTY COMMISSIONER BOB BUZZELL holds one end of the ribbon O. D. Stemple of the State Division of Highways cuts it -- opening the lanes of the $13.1 million section of highway. There are still 20.S miles from River Bend to Bovina with a contract value of $19.8 million have yet to be completed. helped reduce the welfare roll. In addition, there has been more checking on welfare recipients, which may have led counties showed little change over the past year. Denver, having Colorado's largest AFDC recipient load, experienced a two-per cent increase from 37,890 to 38,656 recipients at the end of June. Adams County also |eflected a two-per cent gain in its AFDC roils, while Boulder, OI Jefferson, La:imer, Otero and Pueblo counties all reflected The regular monthly decreases in AFDC recipient meeting of the East Central rolls of up to four-per cent. Colorado RC&D will be helc Counties with lesser approximated $182,160 In Beek, both of Cheyenne Wells.requirements for officeholders. Oct. 18, ]974. The Board savings each month to county, Dr. J. R. Marx. clinic McDonnell believes that intends to ~ppoint this state and federal taxpayers, director, announces that the farmer nominations of committee Friday, Oct. 25, In a year, Shea added, that clinic will be in charge of the candidates for the upcoming ]974. at its regular meeting in savings totals nearly $2.2 Detoxification Program for the ASC committee elections are Durango -- La Plata County million which is represented by four-county area -- Cheyenne,very important. He said, Fairground Extension Office at unused appropriations, .Elbert, Kit.Carson and Lincoln. "Farmers should petition for ]0a.m. I e Monday, Oct. 21, at 8 p.m. at populations also experienced the VFW Hall in Hugo. AFDC decreases, led by HUGO -- The Pirates open game in a flash as he dashed 95 quarter. Word has been received that Morgan County which went High Plains League action yards on the opening kickoff Th~ Pirates capped the Jim Robb will be the speaker from a June, 1973 AFDC level Friday against Byers after for the touchdown. Rod Webb victory when Webb hit Noah for the evening. Robb is of 89] to 718 recipients last .completing a four-game sweep .then hit Ken Noah for the on a five-yard pass play for administrative assistant tor June -- a decrease of 19.4 per of pre-~lason games with a two-point conversion. Minutespoint number 20. Vonseggern Senator Peter Dominick and is cent. Delta County, from 753 out of the Washington office. Further details of the meeting w,,,,o,,ow.,.,,,e.,.,.. Korval Ios Karval HeIecoming to be Oct. 12 The ]974 Karval Homecoming festivities are to be held on Oct. 12. The theme for this year is Famous Last Words. The parade will begin at ! ! a.m. Lunch will be available at the community building. The Homecoming football game will start at 2 p.m. with Karval taking on the Arapahoe Indians. The Alumni Banquet will be at 7 p.m. Music will be furnished by the "Sweeter Side of Country," for the dance from 9:30 to 1:30. HoIocoIiq to Oct. 5 Arribas 1974 Homecoming festivities will begin at 10 a.m. on Oct. 5, with the parade The theme this year will be T.V. commercials. Lunch will be served by the Arriba Lions Club. The Annual Alumni banquet will begin at 6 p.m. in the new gym. This year the honored classes are 1924 and 1954. The dance will start at 9 p.m. in the old gym featuring the "Kountry Kusins." CALAHAN -- A fourth quarter spurt by Calahan proved to be the undoing of Karval here last week as the Trojans lost a 20-6 contest. "We had a real solid and hard hitting game going in the first three quarters," slated Coach Tom Heinz. "But, they had a little more manpower and wore us down in the final quarter to pick up the victory." Calahan scored 14 points in the final quarter while Karvat tacked on its eight points in the same period. Doug Stone tallied the touchdown when he scooped up a fumble and ran it into the endzone from about three yards out. Shane Avery ran in the PAT. Coach Heinz thought the game was the best of the year for the Trojans. "Our defensive secondary was real tough as they only completed three passed of 15 attempts for a total of four yards," he said. Doug Stone had one interception for Karval. Karval had a total offense of 187 yards while Calahan had 245 yards. The Trojans travel to Primero Saturday for a ]:30 game before opening up League action against Arapahoe the following week. 22-8 win over Ellicott last week. In the four game sweep, the Pirate defense allowed only 14 points to be scored against them and Coach Harold Kravig is hoping they can keep the defense tough against Byers. Fred Poss was the workhorse for the Pirates in the game against EIlicott as he rushed for 102 yards in the game on 31 carries. Dean VonSeggern open the later'the Pirates again drove down for another score with Don Palmer crashing over from the two and it was a 14-0 game at the end of the opening then scooted in for the two point conversion and Hugo had the game wrapped up. "We should have scored'five times in the first half," stated juniors KIT .CARSON -" The Hugo Junior High football team lost its first game of the season here Thursday night as Kit Carson won out. 18-8. The Bulldogs only score came on a "flea flicker" play with Alan Yow~ll carrytng the ball in for the score. Kit Carson had an 18-0 lead when Yowell carried in the TD in the fourth quarter. In the game, Kevln Thelen ~ustained a fracture in his hand and Randy Davis also had a sl m liar Injury. Both are expected to be out for the rest of the football season. The Bulldogs wlll play Strasberg on Thursday at 3:45. Coach Harold Kravig. "But it was cold and wet and we had trouble hanging onto the ball." Ellicott fumbles eight times in the game and the Pirates came up with seven fumble recoveries. Hugo had a total of 228 yards rustling and passing while Etlicott had a combo of ]30 yards. i":. ,i~ ~:~,~ ~ ',,~' RUNS LIKE A RABBIT -- Hugo's speedster Dean "VonSeggern (35) opened scoring against Ellicott last week with a 95 yard touchdown run as the Pirates won their fourth straight contest of the year, 22-8. The Pirates will open High Plains League play this Friday when they host Byers at 7:30 p.m. Rob Webb, one of Hugo's quarterbacks is shown getting set to throw a block on th defender. Webb passed for one touchdown and hit a two-oint PAT strike. (Photo by Bob Scales)